Sitter for 2 year old 保母

Looking for a responsible, patient, kind and caring nanny to join our family and care for our 23-month-old son. We would love someone with 5+ years of experience as a nanny, who can teach us a few parenting tricks too. Our son is curious and active. He enjoys playing outdoors, reading books, playing with his trucks and coloring. About us: We live in the Cat Mountain area. We have two dogs so you have to be comfortable with pets. Responsibilities include: picking him up, feeding him lunch, putting him down for a nap, playtime, engaging him in reading, playing outdoors, arts/crafts and educational activities Start date: Aug/Sep 2022 (flexible) Days and Hours: M-F 11:30am-4:30 p.m. We are fully Covid-vaccinated and practicing a very conservative approach to Covid 想找一个有责任心、有耐心、善良、有爱心的保姆加入我们的家庭,照顾我们23个月大的儿子。我们喜欢有5年以上保姆经验的人,也可以教我们一些育儿的技巧。我们的儿子好奇心强,活泼好动。他喜欢在户外玩耍,看书,玩他的卡车和涂色。 关于我们。我们住在猫山地区。我们有两只狗,所以你必须能适应宠物。 职责包括:接他起床,喂他吃午饭,让他睡觉,玩耍,让他参与阅读,在户外玩耍,艺术/手工和教育活动。 开始日期:2022年8月/9月(灵活)。 日子和时间。周一至周五上午11:30-下午4:30。 我们已经完全接种了Covid疫苗,并对Covid采取了非常保守的做法。

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$20 per jam
2022-08-22 — TBD
5 hari per minggu
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