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Hispanic Food

Like most immigrant groups, Latin Americans keep in mind the importance of traditional food and have remained faithful to the food practices of their countries of origin. Both Hispanic and Latin American cuisines are very popular in the United States, and have had a significant influence on the country's cuisine and eating habits.

To maintain traditions and customs, immigrant families look for caregivers who know or have the initiative to cook their typical dishes, since it is important for them to instill the culture of their countries of origin to the new generations.

The importance of the gastronomy of each of the world's regions lies in the fact that it tells us about the culture of each of the peoples to which it belongs; and it is that gastronomy, in addition to providing us with delicious flavors and unique dishes, can indirectly speak to us about customs and lifestyle.

Because the list could be endless, we will limit ourselves to show you just a few dishes.




It consists of different pieces of grilled meat. It is customary to hang the meat on an iron grill on the ground and place it around the fire. The type of meat that is usually consumed is beef or lamb.


Yerba Mate

It consists of a drink of pre-Columbian descent with an infusion of herbs and caffeine. Drinking yerba mate is a social practice, provided with a metal straw that also serves as a strainer. 




This dish is a kind of meat skewer with potatoes. Everything is grilled and served with a spicy peanut sauce. 


Bolivian humintas are sweet. They are usually served for breakfast or snack, and are made by mixing grated sweet corn with cinnamon, sugar, raisins, and sometimes cheese. 



Tray Paisa

It is quite succulent, made based on 9 essential ingredients: rice, sausages, eggs, ground beef, avocado, pork rinds, beans and arepas. 


In Colombian gastronomy, broths occupy a privileged place. It consists of 3 types of potatoes. Added to this ingredient are chicken, capers, corn on the cob, avocado and rice, resulting in a very tasty dish. 



Chilean Style Salad

With a couple of ripe tomatoes and a medium-sized feather-cut onion, this typical dish is made that accompanies the potatoes and roast meat, or, when the budget is tight, this saving salad makes the sorrows pass and the hunger mitigate. 

Spicy Guatitas

The "guatas" is the stomach of an animal, subjected to cooking in abundant salted water and prepared with onions, potatoes, bread soaked in milk, grated cheese, chili and pepper. 



Gallo Pinto

This mixture of rice and beans serves to start the day full of energy. Gallo pinto is the typical breakfast in Costa Rica. It can be accompanied by fried or scrambled eggs, toast, avocado or patacones (fried banana). 


It consists of a mixture of various ingredients widely used in Tico cuisine: rice, beans, salad, fried plantains and protein of your choice covered with poached onion (pork, beef, chicken or fish). 



Ropa Vieja

It contains, in several cases, olives, onions, tomato paste, garlic and various spices that are part of its great flavor. 

Cuban Ajiaco

Its thick broth brings together the flavor of dried meat, corn, cassava, pumpkin, sweet potato, green plantain and different spices such as garlic and hot pepper. 




They are thick tortillas made with corn or rice. Once cooked, they are opened and filled with beans, ground pork rinds, cheese, shrimp, or any other available component. 


It is prepared with cooked beef cut into very small pieces, to which mint, onion, chopped radishes, salt and lemon are added. 



Potato Omelet

The tortilla is made with potato, egg and, in some cases, onion. 

Cordovan Salmorejo

It is made from tomato with bread, garlic, vinegar and oil. 




This typical food is a broth made from güisquil and potato, which gives it its characteristic color. It is usually accompanied with chicken. 

Bananas in Mole

Guatemalan dessert perfect for those who like sweet. It is prepared with chocolate, sesame, chilies and cinnamon. 



Peanut Fish Soup

It is a soup prepared with ground walnuts, fish, onion and tomato. 


"Broken corn kernels" consists primarily of sweet corn with broad beans or other shell kernels. Other ingredients can be added, such as; corned beef, potatoes, turnips, salt pork, tomatoes, multicolored sweet peppers, and okra. 



La baleada

It is a wheat flour tortilla that is folded and filled with beans and other ingredients of your choice, such as grated cheese, ham or sour cream. 

Corn Atole

It involves the use of corn with water, cinnamon, sugar and a little salt to increase the sweetness of the sweetener and the cereal. 




A taco is a rolled corn (or wheat flour) tortilla filled with any type of food you can think of. The most popular are usually stuffed with meat, onion, cilantro and some hot sauce. 


It is any type of roast meat (usually chicken) accompanied by a sauce with a large amount of spices and that usually has a chocolate color. 



Nica Breakfast

The complete Nica comes with fried eggs, or scrambled eggs cooked with chopped onions and bell peppers, fried plantains, a few squares of fresh or fried cheese, a pile of gallo pinto piled high, and a fresh corn tortilla. 

Gallo Pinto

It is rice with beans, they are cooked separately and then fried together to combine them. 



Chicken Stew

It is a stew of chicken, corn and root vegetables such as yams, cassava and otoe, cooked slowly and flavored with its secret ingredient, an herb called culantro. 

Chicken Rice

Similar to the Spanish paella, it is a rice with pieces of chicken, olives, peas and any other vegetables that the cook decides to add, such as tomatoes and carrots. 



Borí borí (vori vori)

It is made with chicken and pork fat, the salty Paraguayan cheese called Paraguayan cheese, fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery, and parsley. 

Paraguayan Soup

It is not really a soup, but a kind of open cake that is made with cornmeal, cheese, milk, eggs and sometimes uses onions and pork fat to induce flavor.





At first glance, it is a simple recipe for raw fish marinated in citrus juice. However, the spices in the marinade and the accompaniments make the dish complete. 

Causa Rellena

Layers of tangy, citrusy mashed potatoes, avocado, and chicken or tuna are topped with hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, or sauces. 



The Dominican Flag

White rice, red beans and stewed meat, chicken or beef; three basic, essential ingredients, on which you can later add everything from avocado and tostones (crushed fried plantains) to green salad with tomato or stewed eggplant. 


Another of the most typical Dominican dishes, mangú, is simply a puree of green plantain. 




It is a kind of "volcano" made from fried plantain that is filled with chicken, meat or seafood. 

Arroz mamposteao

The rice is mixed with stewed beans and sautéed together with pepper, ham and garlic. 



Capelettis a la Caruso

The sauce combines cream, onion, mushrooms, ham, cheese and meat extract, because no dish is truly Uruguayan unless there is a lot of meat in it. 


It consists of a beef sandwich with many ingredients, usually including a fried egg, lettuce, tomato, ham, mozzarella, bacon, olives, bell pepper, and mayonnaise. 




Cornbread that can be grilled, fried, baked, or steamed is filled with a filling of beef, pork, or eggs. 


It is a traditional Venezuelan dish in which shredded spicy beef is served over hot rice, accompanied by black beans. Sometimes even fried eggs and fried plantain slices are served with it. 


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