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Effective Nanny Management

Hiring a bilingual nanny is a fantastic option for many families looking for extra help around the house. Whether it be just childcare or cooking and cleaning, the benefits of having a bilingual nanny are endless. 

However, one of your first questions after hiring your nanny may be, exactly how do I manage my nanny and their responsibilities?  

Defining Expectations
One of the most important parts of managing your nanny is setting clear expectations for them to meet. These can be things such as house rules, child disciplinary methods, or daily schedules. While our nannies are great caregivers that we place a lot of trust in, you can’t expect your nanny to automatically know exactly how you want your household managed as every family is different. 

How Strict, Is Too Strict? 

When it comes to our children, it’s natural to be anxious about how they’re being cared for when we are away. While setting clear expectations is essential, you also have to be understanding that it’s just as important for your nanny to adapt in their way. Micromanaging your nanny’s every action can lead to a negative relationship. When overseeing your nanny, try to focus on the big picture, not the small details. 

For example, you may instruct your nanny to have the children do their homework immediately after school. If she decides to give them 15 minutes to play outside once a week, as long as she still has them finish their task before dinner, this is a minor issue that may be best left alone. If she didn’t have the children do their homework, that might be a problem to bring up. 

Maintaining a Positive Relationship
While your nanny may be an employee, they also play a role that is very different from many employed individuals. Nannies are closely involved in our daily lives, and resultantly our relationships with our nannies may be closer than with a traditional employee.

You can foster a professional friendship with your nanny through positive interactions, while still addressing their expected duties. For example, if your nanny will be working on their birthday, maybe have your child make them a card. You can also relate to your nanny by asking them how their day is, or even about their own families, as long as you are not prying into personal topics they don’t want to talk about. 

Regular Check-Ins
While managing a nanny is very different from managing a corporate employee, monthly or weekly check-ins can still be a great way to maintain a positive relationship. This can be as simple as sitting down to have a regular 20-minute conversation where you and the nanny can openly discuss any concerns, ask questions, or even give positive feedback about things you think are going well. 

Show Your Appreciation! 

Your nanny is an important part of your household who puts a lot of effort into making your family’s daily life easier. Even though they may be compensated for their time, never take for granted the amount of energy your nanny invests in ensuring that your child is happy and healthy. Praising or thanking your nanny regularly can lead to a more positive relationship and lead to a higher nanny retention rate. 


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